With more dildos and vibrators being sold than ever before, it’s important for sex toys retailers to be innovative in their marketing. While traditional advertising methods are out of the question, there are other ways to reach potential customers.

Adam & Eve, for example, has an encyclopedic online glossary that explains how to use various products. It also provides a podcast that answers questions and delivers expert advice.

1. Customer service

The sex toy industry has grown by leaps and bounds, with brands like Lovehoney and Fleshlight making millions in annual revenue. But for consumers, navigating this shopping area can be challenging. Many people don’t have any experience buying sex toys or sexual wellness products, so they’re unsure where to start. This can lead to frustration and disappointment, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a number of ways to make the online shopping experience easier for customers, including offering helpful customer service and creating an inviting atmosphere.

Having excellent customer support is essential for sex toys businesses, especially since returns and exchanges are not usually possible. This includes answering questions about the use of sex toys and addressing any safety concerns. It also means creating a privacy policy and providing customers with the option to delete their data upon request.

In addition to providing great customer service, sex toy businesses should focus on their brand image and create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. They should also offer educational resources and host events to promote sex positivity. This can help them stand out from competitors and increase profitability. In addition, they should use social media to market their business and generate interest in their products. They can also offer discounts and promotions to encourage customers to shop with them.

2. Payment options

In order to sell pleasurable sex toys, merchants need to offer convenient payment options. Unfortunately, sex toys are classified as “high risk” by many acquiring banks and payment processors. This can lead to problems for business owners, and even cause them to lose their payment gateway services at no fault of their own.

To avoid this issue, consider using a sex merchant account that provides a streamlined gateway payment service. PaymentCly offers sex toy merchant accounts that allow customers to pay through any currency or payment method. This will help increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Another tip is to choose a high-quality product and create a user experience that is safe, secure, and sanitary. Sex toy companies need to prioritize product safety, and they should be transparent with their customers about the safety features of their products. They should also provide detailed product descriptions and images to help customers make a purchase decision.

Additionally, it is important to build a social media and email marketing strategy to grow your audience. However, it is important to note that many ad and social media platforms have strict policies against explicit content. Therefore, it is crucial to know your target audience and create a welcoming and inclusive environment.

3. Shipping options

There are a few different options for shipping sex toys online, including e-commerce and dropshipping. E-commerce is a more hands-on option, as it involves owning the inventory and handling the manufacturing and packaging. However, it can also be more expensive than other options. Dropshipping allows sex toy retailers to avoid the costs of inventory, but it can also reduce the quality control of the products.

Sex toy retailers can use a variety of marketing strategies to attract customers. For example, they can create a visually appealing website and offer a variety of complementary products. They can also promote their products on social media and offer coupons. In addition, they can provide information on safety and privacy policies.

Many people prefer to shop for sex toys online because it offers additional privacy. For instance, they can choose to have their orders shipped in nondescript boxes or ensure that their name does not appear on credit card statements. This can help them avoid societal judgment and may even improve their intimacy.

In addition, sex toy retailers can take steps to protect the privacy of their customers by providing clear terms of service and establishing a customer support line. They can also create a blog on sexual wellness and offer educational materials to their customers. These tools can increase sales and profits.

4. Reviews

Sex toys are a hugely popular item, especially in the wake of the Fifty Shades trilogy’s popularity. The sex toy industry has grown to become a $15 billion business worldwide, with a wide range of devices at a variety of prices. But with so many options, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you.

Online sex toy reviews can be helpful for this purpose. They provide valuable information about the safety and performance of a particular product. In addition, they can help you avoid purchasing a product that could cause damage or irritation to your body. In this way, online sex toy reviews can save you time and money by helping you make the best decision for your needs.

A few sex toy review websites also cater specifically to asexual people. One of these is Taryn, a 26-year-old ace who writes sex-positive sex toy reviews for her site Ace In The Hole. It is a common misconception that asexual people do not have any use for sex toys, but Taryn wants to change this.

Other sex toy shops that are LGBTQ+-friendly include ZALO and Dame, which both offer a range of vibrators and other products from top brands. ZALO, for instance, offers sex toys with stunning designs that have been enhanced with details like gold plating and jewelry-grade manual enamel processing. They also feature silky Dow corning food-level silicone that feels as good as it looks. The sex toy shop also provides sexual wellness resources through pre-recorded virtual workshops.