I don’t like anal toys, and the VeDO Bump was only second one.
The first thing you should probably know about me is that my VeDO butt plug was one of my first. This makes it a bit odd that the first review I am writing is the VeDO bump, a vibrating butt plug, but here we are. Don’t question my logic, there is none.

That being said, while with my ex he turned me on to anal play. I’d always quite enjoyed guys playing with the just the outside, but I really wasn’t in to anal penetration. Somehow, some way, I agreed to it one day, and let me tell you, he wasn’t a small guy. Not massive, but certainly far from small. We lubed up with some coconut oil (which is my favourite lube, but for the love of god, do not use it if you’re going to be using a condom – it will break the condom!) Try Sliquid’s H2O if you’re using condoms.

After a few times, I began to like anal sex, at least with this partner.
I started to actually look forward to it. It was odd. I had tried anal in the past but it just wasn’t for me. And then I found VeDO sex toys. I’ve yet to try out anything other than the VeDO Bump, and though I’d tried a very small silicone butt plug, it just didn’t do much for me. It was a good beginner’s butt plug, but I wanted something more. Before trying any butt plugs at all a friend described it as feeling like double penetration. Though not something I have ever tried, I was intrigued to get this sensation without actually having to handle two men at once. Sounds like a lot of work. And I wasn’t quite ready for a double penetration toy. Not yet.

So whether you’re looking at butt plugs for women or a male butt plug, read on to decide if this vibrating butt plug is right for you.

VeDO Bump Vibrating Butt Plug Specs


The VeDO Bump is completely waterproof, so you can use it in the shower, in the tub, or just generally have the peace of mind that washing it thoroughly (please do) will be an ease.

Solo or Sexy Time?

I’ve used this toy both solo and during sex, and while many t-bar bases on butt plugs get in the way during sex, this one didn’t. My partner loved it, feeling the vibrations while being inside me as well. We had no issues whatsoever with anything being in the way, and we definitely tried a lot of positions with the VeDO Bump.

Colours, Size, and Material

The VeDO Bump comes in black or deep purple, if you really care what colour your toys are (not going to lie, I like pink. You’ll see a lot of pink in upcoming reviews). It is smooth silicone making it entirely body safe. With a length of 5″ and a girth of 3.75″, I wouldn’t start with the VeDO Bump if you’re completely new to butt plugs. I’d recommend something smaller for your first time. This was my second butt plug. Mind you, if you’re used to anal, this vibrating butt plus is a good medium sized one.

We-Vibe Tango Size

Motor on VeDO Bump

But you’re here because you’re looking for a vibrating butt plug, which is exactly what the wonderful VeDO Bump is. Personally, with my vibrators I need the most powerful motor possible. And the VeDO Bump is the vibrating butt plug for that. It has ten different vibration modes, and after you turn it off it will remember what mode you were on last time and start up with that one. The first three modes are different levels of intensity, with the remaining seven being patters.

The VeDO Bump has me intrigued to try more VeDO sex toys, as the motor is just out of this world. I’d compare the top speed vibrations of this vibrating butt plug to the We-Vibe Tango’s second speed and in the middle of the Cordless Magic Wand’s first two intensities. While not as powerful as the Tango or Magic Wand, and trust me, I need a powerful vibrator, it definitely packs enough punch for a butt plug, and I doubt you’ll find more powerful.

While on my clit I require stronger stimulation, often only getting off with the help of my Magic Wand, a vibrating butt plug just doesn’t need to be as powerful. Trust me, for an anal toy, this motor packs the punch you’re looking for. To boot, the VeDO bump is the quietest vibrator for that level of motor that I have ever encountered. Once inserted, it’s pretty much silent, despite being a very rumbly vibrating butt plug.

Buttons and Running Time

There is one button to control this vibrating butt plug. You can find your speed by clicking through, but there is no indication of what speed you’re on, nor is there an app like We-Vibe and Lovense products to adjust the speeds or patterns to your liking.

The VeDO Bump lasts for about an hour before needing to be charged. Depending on your sex life, this could be a bit short. (And I hope you have an amazing sex life, making this one of only two downfalls of this product). The second downfall is actually clicking the button. My ex partner had trouble locating the button, as it’s indented into the back of the VeDO Bump. It’s just one button, but you have to push it a bit. We found it difficult to adjust the speed while it was inserted, because the button requires a hard push. To boot, he could rarely find the button, but perhaps he was just idiotic. Since getting fake nails (I swear I’m only quasi girly – they’re black) it’s made it nearly impossible to click the button. I can do it while it’s not inside, but while in? Forget it. On the bright side, though, this means you won’t accidentally change the vibrations while using it.

Final Thoughts and Overall Rating

This is the best vibrating butt plug out there. Despite a couple of downfalls, the thing packs a punch, and, like my friend advised, feels like double penetration without having to deal with two men at once (hey, if you can handle it, good on you, and that’s not to say it doesn’t turn me on, but two men at once? Too much work.) I would highly recommend your next vibrating butt plug be the VeDO Bump.