I knew the We-Connect app for We-Vibe products boasted a lot of functionality, so I was excited to try it.
Excited to try the We-Connect app, I spent about 45 minutes trying to pair my We-Vibe Chorus to no avail, although when I paired my We-Vibe Jive it was easy as pie. I suspect my phone was having Bluetooth difficulties, as it often does. So this may be a quick and easy process, or may require some troubleshooting. Once connected the app has a ton of features, but I would highly suggest pairing with your and your partner’s phones prior to play time. God knows I wouldn’t have remained turned on by the time we were paired had I not done it prior.

Oh, and I did eventually get the We-Vibe Chorus to connect, though it took contacting the company. Here’s what they told me to do:

  • Ensure remote is connected to your Chorus.
  • Open the app
  • Click Connect Toy
  • Press and hold the control button on the We-Vibe Chorus for 10 seconds
  • Press and hold the + button on the squeeze remote for 5 seconds
  • The We-Vibe Chorus will pulse twice to confirm that it was successfully paired with the remote.
  • Success!

We-Vibe Products: Does yours connect to We-Connect?

The following We-Vibe toys will connect to the app:

  • Jive (g-spot vibrator)
  • Rave (g-spot vibrator)
  • Gala (clitoral stimulator)
  • Wish (clitoral stimulator)
  • Bloom (vibrating Kegel balls)
  • Sync (couples vibrator)
  • Sync Under the Stars (couples vibrator)
  • Chorus (couples’ vibrator)
  • Pivot (vibrating ring)
  • Verge (vibrating ring)
  • Ditto (vibrating plug)
  • Nova (rabbit vibrator)
  • Wand (cordless body massager)
  • Vector (prostate massager)
  • Moxie (wearable clitoral vibrator)
  • And, sadly, the following will not:
  • Tango (clitoral vibrator)
  • Touch (clitoral vibrator)
  • Melt (pleasure air clitoral stimulator)
  • Match (couples vibrator)
  • Unite (couples vibrator)

Being that the only product I’ve really liked from We-Vibe was the We-Vibe Tango, I was pretty unimpressed by the fact that it was one of the few that doesn’t connect to the app. Still that’s a pretty hefty list of ones that do have connectivity.

This app is awesome.


This app isn’t just for you to use in close proximity. Although it has more functionality than just using a remote, it still wouldn’t be all that exciting if this was all it does. Thankfully, after successfully pairing your We-Vibe toy, you can have a partner pair up to it from anywhere in the world. That’s right, my Skype sex with an old fling all the way in Australia just got more exciting.


While the app comes with some set patterns, it’s not this that makes it impressive. I mean sure, it’s easier to pick the right pattern having it on a screen than just clicking through and guessing where your preferred pattern is. But We-Connect does so much more.

While in the vibration settings, you can create your own pattern, which is pretty cool. You can pick from the pre-set vibrations, putting them in whatever order you want, for however long, at the intensity of your choice. It’s pretty neat. The only downside is that you can’t create your own vibrations on the app while using it; you must create the pattern before using said pattern. I’d like it my partner could use the app, make a pattern while we use the toy, and save it.


There is also an option in the app to use your fingers to touch the screen and change the intensity and pattern. One finger on the screen controls both the pattern and vibration intensity. If you have a toy with two motors, you can use two fingers, each controlling one of the motors. Note: this functionality does not yet work with the We-Vibe Chorus but is coming soon.

Feel the Beat

Okay, this is one of the coolest sex toy features I have ever encountered. I mean, did it really do much for me other than be cool? Not really. But hey, it’s really freakin’ cool.

Feel the beat is a new release in the We-Connect app. You can check out the step by step on feel the beat here. When you go to beat in your options, you can then select either a song in your phone or use your phone’s microphone to pick up on the music around you. You can then select bass, midrange, or treble to choose what you want the vibrations to align with. This makes for way more versatile patterns, and just something super cool. I almost exclusively masturbate with music on, and going along with the music is an interesting time. Again, this doesn’t really add much to the sexual experience as a whole, it’s just kind of cool. And if you like having a vast array of different patterns at your disposal, this is a huge selling point.

Note: also not yet available for the We-Vibe Chorus, but is coming soon.

Ease of Use

We-Vibe’s app is very easy to use, that is, if you can get your toy to connect. My We-Vibe Jive had zero issues whatsoever. But, despite all the troubleshooting advice that I read, the We-Vibe Chorus just wouldn’t do it. It should be very simple and intuitive, but it wasn’t. So if you can actually get the thing working, the app totally rocks.

Final Thoughts on We-Connect

I totally dig the We-Connect app. It makes it so much easier to pick patterns and get the vibration power to my liking. That being said, I’ve been sorely disappointed with most of We-Vibe’s toys despite the excellent reviews I’ve read as well as seeing them at the top of every sex toy site. My favourite bullet vibrator, the We-Vibe Tango (the only product by We-Vibe I’ve liked thus far), does not connect, so it’s quite disappointing. Still, if you have a toy by We-Vibe that you really enjoy, the app is really useful and cool to use. I would definitely give it a go and have some fun with your We-Vibe sex toy, whatever it is!