After the huge success of We-Vibe’s wearable couples toys, the We-Vibe Chorus came to the market. Oh boy, the We-Vibe Chorus.

I’ve always seen the name We-Vibe all over sex toy websites. We-Vibe products are almost always at the top of the list in featured or bestselling products. But do they really live up to the expectations?

A couple of years ago I purchased a We-Vibe Jive, which is advertised as a wearable g-spot vibrator. I was incredibly disappointed in the product, which neither hit my g-spot nor had very strong vibrations. So when my buddy over at Squirrelmunk told me about the We-Vibe Tango, I was pretty damn hesitant.

It had been two years since I’d purchased any We-Vibe products, though, and he had boasted how he’d trade out the crappy bullet vibes that came with many toys for the We-Vibe Tango instead. He assured me that it was the strongest bullet vibrator out there. As I usually use my Magic Wand and have found absolutely nothing to rival this, I decided to give it a go. As promised, the We-Vibe Tango did not disappoint.

We-Vibe Chorus detailed review

With this newfound confidence in We-Vibe and a new partner to play with, I excitedly purchased the We-Vibe Chorus. I had considered the We-Vibe Sync, but I thought I’d just go for the newest model. I don’t know if this made any difference whatsoever other than costing me an extra ten bucks. Alas, by the time it arrived the guy I was sleeping with and I decided to break it off.

Now I was left with a couples’ toy and no one to try it with. But new toys are always exciting, so I decided to try it on myself, both in bed and walking around the house.

We-Vibe Chorus Details and Specs


I’d read that the We-Vibe Chorus’ motor topped that of the We-Vibe Sync, so I went for it. In short, the motor left a lot to be desired despite being such a well reviewed toy. I was not impressed. The We-Vibe Chorus’ top speed was comparable to one of the lowest speeds on the We-Vibe Tango.

In fact, while testing the We-Vibe Chorus out for solo play, I actually wrote a portion of this article. The motor was so minimal even at the top speed that I could focus on writing instead of masturbating. Do you know how much I love to masturbate? Have you a clue? A lot. I like it a lot. So for me to be more into writing than the rumbles on my clit and inside of me (definitely not hitting my g-spot as is advertised), it has to be pretty pitiful.

That being said, even a minimal amount of vibration can start me off. So, I paused my writing for a bit, pulled out my old trusty Magic Wand vibrator and Neo Elite dildo, and had some fun. Yes, that’s right: I had just excitedly unboxed my We-Vibe Chorus, and I still went for the other toys.

Material, and Patterns

The We-Vibe Chorus has around 10 set patterns, but you can also create your own using the We-Connect app (if you ever successfully can connect – check out my We-Connect article for tips on troubleshooting this). I can’t tell you anything at all about this, because I cannot connect. My We-Vibe Jive connects without a problem, but no matter how much troubleshooting I do, the We-Vibe Chorus simply will not connect to the app. Fail.

I can say, however, that the We-Vibe Chorus is made from body-safe silicone with no latex. So, I mean, that’s a positive at least.


Where the We-Vibe Jive is advertised as a wearable g-spot vibrator, the We-Vibe Chorus is not advertised as such. Still, seeing as I had purchased the thing intending on using it with a partner, only to have it arrive after we’d broken it off, I still wanted to try the thing. I tried it a few ways: walking around, sitting, lying down, and using it with a dildo, in all different positions that I could move it in.


First, I tried it lying down. It rested well on my clit, but was definitely nowhere near my g-spot as advertised. Already, the We-Vibe Chorus was looking less hopeful than the We-Vibe Tango. Was I about to find another flop like the We-Vibe Jive?

Next, I tested it out standing up and walking around. I was quite surprised as, with tight pants on, the thing didn’t really come out. It stayed inside of me, continuing to not hit my g-spot, although it may have slipped just a tad. So if it was hitting your g-spot in the first place, it may or may not continue to do so. Still, both the portion between the g-spot part and the clit part is adjustable as well as the actual g-spot part. I had the in between part as clenched as it could go so as to see if the We-Vibe Chorus would stay in as I walked around my house. I tried adjusting the g-spot part as well, but no matter what I did, I felt no g-spot stimulation.


I stood for a moment with the vibrations on top power, still not remotely turned on while testing my new toy. You could definitely hear the thing, so I would never take it out. It’s not too loud, but it’s not inaudible either. Next, I tried walking around my house for a few minutes. It was impressing to see the We-Vibe Chorus did not slip out much at all while wearing tight pants (I tried first with no pants, and it definitely fell out). I even tried jumping out of curiosity sake, and still, the We-Vibe Chorus remained in place.

This is the only thing that was really impressing to me, and there are other wearable vibrators out there, so it’s really not all that impressing at all. Still, if the vibrations are enough for your liking, this could be a great feature when you don’t have a partner around to play.


I’d love to tell you all about We-Vibe’s We-Connect app. I would adore telling you about the custom patterns you can create.

I attempted to connect my We-Vibe Chorus to the We-Connect app in all sorts of ways for about 45 minutes. Seriously. I tried everything it said to do while troubleshooting: restart your phone, connect to another WiFi network, turn my Bluetooth on and off, put the remote far away, everything. Nothing. Freaking. Worked. As of publishing this article, I’m still not connected.

Final Verdict

Well, it does stay in when you’re standing and sitting without a partner inside of you. So it’s kind of neat that it’s wearable despite not being advertised as such, although it may slip a bit and you need to be wearing tight pants. Still, I’ll go for my separate vibrator and dildo. If you don’t need a couples vibrator with intense rumbles, and if you’re not too worried if the g-spot part actually hits your g-spot (the vibrations are still pleasant), then perhaps this is for you. But it’s not for me.